Try Football and Bowling...At the Same Time

Visit us for church games in Lansing, MI

At Central United Methodist Church, we believe fellowship and worship can take many forms. That's why we host regular church competitions in Lansing, MI, including our Footbowl games.
Our congregation comes together on Fridays through Sundays from 2 to 9 p.m. for Footbowl. This popular game combines cornhole, bowling and football. In the game, players...

Get together into two teams of four
Stand a distance away from the board
Throw a football at a set of pins

The first team to knock down each of the ten pins wins! Players of all ages can enjoy wholesome fun with our church games. For each group playing, our Footbowl games are $50 an hour.
Visit our church over the weekend to try your hand at our Footbowl church competitions.

Add some Footbowl to your event

We also offer Footbowl and our other church games for rental for your personal events. If you're hosting an event with us, let us know if you'd like to use our equipment. We'd be happy to help bring some family fun to your get-together.
Reach out to us for rental information now by calling 517-485-9477.