To Grow Is Good!

United Methodists expect to grow in our faith. We assume that God designed us for physical and spiritual growth. We grow in our experience of God and of the world. We grow in our knowledge of our roots and tradition. We grow in our ability to reason and understand the world around us and the life within us. Our tradition says, “The scriptures hold all that is necessary for faith and practice,” and so we are a community of people who engage scripture in worship and study. We are also people who engage our culture in our faith and in our living, therefore we seek to apply our faith in our lives. Christian Education is bringing our faith to life.
Here at Central United Methodist Church, we have educational opportunities for growing our faith for children, youth, and adults on Sunday morning and throughout the week. Central also hosts one of the foremost Progressive Christian study groups in the Lansing, MI region called Vespers which is attended by people from across the Greater Lansing area. It meets on Sunday from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Short term book studies as well as Bible studies and discussion groups on topics of our times are offered frequently.
New groups on parenting, care giving and grief support are being offered. We also welcome fresh ideas and leadership for new groups.
Come and grow with us, for that is how God made us – to grow and grow together.
To grow is good!


Children's Sunday School

Children's Church is the heart of our Christian Education for our younger kids. The children begin the morning with their parents/guardians in the sanctuary. All children, age 3 thru grade 6, are invited to go to the Rainbow Room right after the Children's Sermon for the remainder of the worship time. Parents pick them up after worship and then take them to Coffee Fellowship where they can enjoy goodies and the warmth of our Central church family.

Rainbow Room



Central hosts a Progressive Christian study group. Anyone welcome Sunday from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at the church.